No one knows

How it started

I remember the first ashtray that was flung at the wall, I wish then I hadn’t took my eye off the ball,

It wasn’t long before it got worse,

Smashed glasses and phones and would hide my purse,

Kicked doors off their hinges,

punched holes in the walls,

He was a ticking time bomb about to get worse,

Then came the black eyes and the sore faces,

shouting and bawling became my reality,

I couldn’t allow this to become my normality,

I knew I had to leave his sorry ass and make this abuse a part of my past ,

I saved up money and hid it away, damn he found it my luck had turned grey,

Now more than ever I wanted to escape, so I plucked up the courage and showed him the front gate,

he left in a huff but returned in a puff ,

the next thing I knew I was being raped,

Two years later after more abuse, I finally found the courage to escape ,

For everything I’ve endured this is just the icing,

now to deal with the hurt inside and create a brand new ending.




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