Forgive is the key


My goal is to inspire others,

afterall we are all sisters and brothers,

we are all connected one way or another,

I started to realise that I could put my past behind me,

as  I am still me just stronger and wiser,

I soon learned that the narcissist was a reflection of me,

projecting my fears and insecurities so that I could see,

I used this to learn and grow,

I fixed my inner wounds although they weren’t on show,

I made certain that my thoughts matched my actions so as not to feel so low,

My abuser may think that they have won,

but in the end I start to see ,

I am the winner cause I am free,

Free from their clutches and their mental games ,

which by the way are petty and lame,

I am not bitter or broken you see ,

I am just a wiser and stronger me,

I have learned a major lesson,

so now I give my thanks to the abusive person,

I  forgive what they done to me,

As they have helped me to see,

my true inner beauty,

now I understand that this was their duty.



5 thoughts on “Forgive is the key

      1. Yes, you are right. I remember the day that I was able to start forgiving him. God told me that he treated me the way that he had been treated. I realized that the abuser had been a victim. It changed my perspective.


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