You said I was crazy!!

He would berate me and yell,

I felt as if I was living in hell,

I couldn’t sigh or make a grin,

I took your abuse on the chin!!

when I cried you’d stand and laugh,

You were meant to be my better half,

You would call them crocodile tears,

I think it was more getting called names for years,

your fat, your a slag your a tart you’d say,

I always hoped I’d get out of your clutches one day,

you punched me so hard that you knocked me out,

i was so scared and numb that I couldn’t shout,

remember the time you gave me a sore face,

That nI should of got on my pace.

You strangled me and then threatened to kill me,

Did you know what you were doing!? could you see,

I was a shadow of my formal self,

Just your toy that sat on a shelf,

I was broken, beaten and so alone,

I was like a dog without her bone,

I was walking through life feeling small,

I couldn’t understand how you stood so tall,

You blamed how you treated me on your past,

All I could do was pray that our marriage wouldn’t last,

now that we are through you have lied,

told everyone that I never tried,

That I was horrible and my games were lame,

you will never change and you will get caught out in your game,

you told me that I was going crazy!!





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