I’ve finally untangled him from me,

Physically, emotionally and mentally

This took a long three years of fighting my way through anxiety and fears,

I removed his darkness and brought in light, I knew my mind wouldn’t give up this fight,

They fill your mind with doubts and fear,

Don’t let them fool you, you can heal my dear,

The one mistake that I made was trying to protect the narcissist from the choices that he made,

I take responsibility for the choices that I made, i had to fix them no matter what he said,

They will never look at their self

they will blame you which will affect your health.

If there’s one thing you can take from a narc it’s getting your power back, the truth will soon come to light, and the unseen will be in sight.


2 thoughts on “Untangled

  1. Why is the blog url on narcissist?

    Besides what you hv expressed is something that very few people in a similar position could find the courage to do.
    Playing with the mind and psyche wreaks havoc on self esteem and makes you believe that you are worthless.
    Be strong and on the path to freedom.


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