Ending the cycle of abuse

The hardest part of going through the abuse was to wake up and realise the effects that it had on my children. His family always had a favourite grandchild and my daughter was left out, which left her always fighting for a spot and left my children competing with each other. They we’re also used to abuse in the house so they started acting out at me and at each other, when I say act out I mean like flinging toys n books downstairs kicking and punching me, I managed to stop this behaviour by showing empathy and understanding, a lot of people say they just need a smack!! in my experience this just encourages abuse and encourages them to hit back.  They still give me the occasional smart remark or try and embarrass me when we are out but I have worked on my inner self so I am no longer embarrassed or have to reply to the remarks. I would love to help people heal, the more we heal the more we heal our children.


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