If there’s one thing I’ve gained from my life lesson,

It’s that the mind controls you as a person,

The thoughts that you tell yourself,

Can become an enemy for your health,

The words that people say,

Really can affect your day,

People should be more aware,

Cause a lot of them don’t seem to care,

The names and words that we say to our children,

We have the power to dull or brighten,

More teenagers now with anxiety and depression,

More could be done from the medical proffesion,

Quite often they turn a blind eye,

Doctors just think it’s a made up lie,

Our children speak not only with words,

Watch their actions as they may change if they are hurt.

It’s hard for an adult to be called names,

Can u imagine how a child holds that shame,

I know that children can be cruel,

Adults shouldn’t add to that fuel,

It’s time to become more aware,

Of all the words that we share,

If we say the words to show we care,

The world might once again seem fare.





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