This world

When I first started this blog I was doing it as a way for me to express how I was feeling, when I started writing the words just came and it helped me with my healing. Why is it people who go through anxiety and depression end up seeking help from strangers rather than friends and family, what is going on in this world!! friends and family who haven’t went through it don’t understand what we feel so we feel that we are burdening them with our problems, or they will just shrug it off and tell us to get over it, go to the doctor they just give you a pill and put you on a waiting list to speak to a councillor. They should be able to help us heal, to give us the tools to set us on the right path, not make us feel that we are just a victim of circumstance, there isn’t enough being done for mental health, a lot of misunderstanding especially from a medical point of view, they would of done psychology to get their degree, they understand how it works they just don’t take the time…what is happening in this world!!


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