I have started no notice that a lot of people think that a narcissist is someone who loves themselves and takes a lot of selfies. Although this may be true, they are much worse, they will actually stoop to great lengths to triangulate you from friends and loved ones, play mind games, use manipulation techniques just to get you to act in ways that normally you wouldn’t entertain. Your brain actually knows that you shouldn’t be acting in a certain way but you can’t stop it, you have been brainwashed to some extent. The major thing I realised when dealing with a narcissist is that they will do anything for a reaction, so they can feed off your energy,I wish I had learned this sooner. They are emotional vampires who get an energy surge through your unhappiness. Due to the events that happen during the relationship the victim is left with cognitive dissonance, depression, fear and even PTSD. It leaves the victim looking crazy and guilty so that the abuser can put the blame on the victim while they walk away Scot free. Narcissists come across to everyone as a nice genuine person who does no wrong, because they don’t bully the victim in front of people, they are cowards who only act out the abuse behind closed doors. They leave their victim with no support network, ruin their reputation and continue to control their life’s by destroying jobs, careers, self esteem and confidence. It takes a lot for a person to recover from this type of abuse, if someone you know is acting or behaving out of character they might of been narcissistly abused. please be there to listen, they need to get it off their never know when someone is just needing a hand to hold, someone who won’t judge or pass comment.


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