Releasing the clutches

The only way to leave their game is to stop thinking about what they done to you, and start thinking about yourself. look at the things that you want to change about yourself and do it with all your energy so that there’s no time to start obsessing over the narcissists game you will only drive yourself crazy. When you have healed your trauma and you start focusing on yourself the narcissists game will fall apart as they are now only playing a game with themselves. To think I spent years trying to figure it out, just to discover I had to change my focus to me, instead of trying to analyse their motives behind the mind games, to a narcissist their only motive is to see you upset and keep you miserable, for some reason they get a kick out of seeing their victim in pain. Changing your thought process is hard and took me many years, everytime I feel my thoughts going back to him I go on the exercise bike for ten minutes just so I can focus something else, you CAN heal a broken mind 🙂


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