The less you say the better!!

I spent years trying to expose the narcissist, and all I achieved was making myself look crazy, ended up with depression, anxiety, ptsd and no sense of who I was. I started questioning myself, wondering if I was the narcissist. Everything you do or say to try and expose them will be turned back onto you and they will walk away with clean hands and a smile on their face. If I can stop one person from making the same mistake I did I will be happy. Don’t waste your time trying to expose evil they will do that all on their own.


2 thoughts on “The less you say the better!!

    1. I know the feeling, I’ve now turned my focus from them to me. I just hope that the people he’s fooled will eventually see the truth just like I did. The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back to you no matter how far they are. 🙂


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