The narcs family

Narcissists usually come in crowds, or in my case a family, once the relationship is over their family become so nice to you and even go out of their way to show empathy and understanding. Behind your back they are spreading lies and gossip about how bad a parent you are, how messy your house is and how crazy you are as a person this is all done to protect the narcissists behaviour, the last thing they want is for people to know exactly what they are capable of. The narcissist is a coward who hides behind his enablers and flying monkeys so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. This abuse did confuse me as people would tell me to speak up but the more I spoke up the crazier they made me look..if I sit silent they get away with it…then I realised that I have the power to change myself raise my self confidence, esteem and set healthy boundaries, as for the narc he will never change they are not capable of looking inwards to their soul, which means that he will repeat the same behaviour time and time again until he learns his life lessons.


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