No contact (the right way)

I always thought that no contact meant not contacting my abuser, no peeking on social media at their page. I done this for ages and although I felt a bit better I still wasn’t healing.

No contact doesn’t properly work until we have healed our wounds, this way we won’t be giving the narcissist any of our energy. We won’t be thinking of them anymore, not participating in their mind game, not caring what they say or do and not fearing how they will act towards us.  As we will have done the inner work on ourselves, which causes the narcissist to do his monkey dance because they are no longer getting your fuel to feed their ego, this also causes the mask to slip to their latest victim, because if your not feeding him..someone will!!  I can’t believe it’s took me this long to realise how they work :/

I also used to think how can I go no contact when we Co parent…it’s easy it’s all about the children, anytime they engage in a conversation about you or anything other than the children, ignore it and talk about the children, or give the grey rock method ( no reaction not even a smile everything u do is a feed to their ego ) .


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