Depression is our thoughts about a past situation,

Anxiety is often linked to the depression,

Fear is thinking of the future about our creation,

When you dig deep into your soul,

To find what triggered the depression,

You will find that it is possible to reach your goal,

It’s a daily battle that exists in your mind,

If we face this everyday, the anxiety and depression will go away,

Look inside and ask yourself why?

Why am I thinking the thoughts I am thinking, why am I saying the words I am saying,

You will start to realise the negative talk that you say to yourself,

And know that these words and comments came from someone else,

Start to turn the negative around,

To I am beautiful, pretty, loving and kind,

The mind and body believe what we feed it,

It’s time to be nice to yourself, you can do it,

Everytime you feel yourself thinking negative patterns,

Turn it to positive and light the inner lantern,

Remember who you were before darkness took over,

You can be there again only much better,

Change the habits that are bringing you down,

It’s time for you to take back your crown.





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