Leaving a narc

When leaving a narcissist, the trick is to stay disengaged emotionally, they get fuel from any emotion that you display. They love to see people hurt and upset infact the more rage you display the more points they earn in their mind. They hate it when you show them that you are not bothered by what that say or do, as they can’t get an energetic feed out of no contact. This causes the narc to move on to new supply or to start a smear campaign they love it when people fall out and they again get more points because they controlled the fall out. If you stay quiet and don’t react, your friends will soon see the mask slip just as you did. Everything that he done to you, he will say that you done to him…pathetic right!! Don’t play into it…don’t react to any of it…your friends don’t need it…and your enemy’s won’t believe you anyway…it’s pointless!! Instead focus on yourself, focus on healing. Change the things that u don’t like about yourself, and love and accept the things about yourself that you can’t change. Raise your confidence, self respect and set healthy boundaries…true friends will return and you will be forgiving as you too were once manipulated by the same person.



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