I thought I had healed

I thought that I had fully healed,

When in fact I’d put up a shield,

I only realised when I thought about going on a date,

My inner self turned into a state,

My house and my mind is a mess,

Why must I always think of me as less,

Then I realised once again I’m still carrying their words in my mind,

Your to fat your hopeless no one will want your heart,

So again I have to go back to the start,

I’ve made a commitment to myself,

That I won’t leave me on the shelf,

I’m done stressing about what they have done,

It’s time to turn away from darkness and into the sun,

I can change the things that I don’t like,

I will get on my exercise bike,

I will put down my smokes,

And pick up some swimming strokes,

This year I aim to be better in mind and physically fitter,

Whereas they will always be bitter!!

At no point in my story will I be a quitter!!



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