Taking my own advice!!!

Everytime I think I’ve got it all figured out , I learn something new and then I look back over what I’ve already written and it makes more sense now than it did a month ago.

I’ve realised that I need to become more conscious of myself and my actions, to start being aware of what I’m doing and saying in the present moment, instead of acting from my ego ( subconscious) who cares if they portray me as nasty? Or make up rumours about me? Or try their best to gain a response? I’ve now realised that my response will be yeah if u like…you win!! What does it matter!!

I am now in control of my own emotions and reactions which means that they no longer control how I feel or how I react.

It’s time to dissolve my ego, I know this will help my children also, as I see other instances when the ego creeps in, e.g when my daughter says NO I’m not cleaning my room!! It then turns into a battle of the ego’s, she wants to win and so do I, I need to give up on winning and instead meet her with a NO when she asks me to do something, which is way better than arguing.



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