I read something sad today, about a woman who committed suicide due to narcissistic abuse. The woman didn’t know who to trust and actually fell out and stopped talking to most of her true friends.

This made me realise what I was doing, I stopped talking to good friends because I thought they were scheming and plotting with him behind my back. Emotional abuse is the worst form of abuse because it’s silent and rarely picked up on. The abuser manages to manipulate and brain wash their victim into believing that everyone is against them, and the victim starts to believe that the abuse was their fault. The victim will not usually say what is wrong, they will just stop talking or hanging out with people, this is because they feel the world is against them. This is of course how the abuser feels, but they manage to put their crazy thoughts on the victim so they can walk away with clean hands.

If anyone has friends or family that has just stopped talking for no reason please reach out, don’t judge you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

People think that when you get out of an abusive relationship that’s you FREE!! NO!! it is just the beginning, we then have the battle of knowing who to trust, who do we confide in? Then the depression, anxiety and the fear of what they will do. Then there’s the smear campaign that we need to rise above and more emotional abuse if there’s children involved. They also have to stop the cycle within the family home, set healthy boundaries and raise their confidence and self esteem. It is not easy to leave an abuser, and it’s certainly not something that you just get over.








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