Be yourself!!

They tell us to be ourselves in a world where we are conditioned from birth. We get our reality and our cultural beliefs from our parents or caregivers. It’s not what they say that we follow but the actions that they carry out. The actions and words that people convey are all learned behaviour, that is why the majority of people react from the subconscious mind, instead of the conscious mind. Everything that we have been taught we can unlearn, it’s all about understanding our thoughts and learning where they came from. From an early age we are usually told no you can’t do that it’s not a job, it doesn’t pay a lot or that’s impossible!! Or your too fat, too skinny to do that career.  These are only someone else’s opinion, so why do we believe the negative thoughts as if they are their own, all this does is cause us to think that we will not achieve our dreams, or that we are not good enough, all this negativity affects our life chances as we get older. If we can learn to change this negative thought process we can change our lives. I spent a lot of my life, infact most of it looking for love, real love, I always thought that love came from someone else, and to get that love I had to do what I could to please that person, so that they would love me. This thought process came from my parents because I was only shown love when I behaved, children should be shown uncondional love. All the relationships I was in I ended up trying to help them, they were depressed, abused and just deeply hurt inside. I ended up losing myself while helping someone else, this is how I realised that I too was broken, I needed help, but instead of showing myself that love and learning to love me, I put it into my partner who didn’t want to helped or perhaps wasn’t ready. There is nothing wrong with loving you, intact no one can love you, until you love yourself.

Source: Be yourself!!


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