Food for thought!!

I’ve read a lot of advertisements lately from life coaches, personal development coaches and people who claim that they can unblock your negative mind set so you can live in abundance in every area of your life.  I get that these  people want to help others find their purpose but at what expense?..people actually take out loans and put themselves further in debt just to have a life coach. I think everyone is unique and we each have our own struggles, but if someone is fortunate enough to be in a place where they can help people seek their purpose, why would they want to put their potential clients in more debt, all this will do is spiral more depression :/ what ever happened to helping people, offering guidance and just being genuine. I get that people have bills to pay, we all do, but they charge over the odds for what they advertise. Love and kindness are free, we live in a world that allows people to charge for that. I feel that personal development is personally different for each individual, and can only be learned through their own trials and errors, yes people can motivate or even try to change your mindset if your thinking negatively. I believe it’s about becoming conscious of our thoughts, actions and reactions, instead of reacting in an unconscious way. To become more conscious we have to listen to hear and not to respond, we do not have to always give our opinion or judgement. We have to become aware of our thoughts, as this is what determines our actions, our thoughts get to control how we react. We have to dissipate the ego, let go of the need to win and to be right what’s the point in arguing, what do you gain if you win ? NOTHING!! …it’s just a boost to the ego!!

Source: Food for thought!!


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