Hiding the real me

I’ve been thinking for a few months now about how I can write my feelings and past on a blog to complete strangers, yet closest friends and family have no idea who I am or what I’ve been through. The only way I can communicate with them is not to bring up my past because … More Hiding the real me

Be yourself!!

They tell us to be ourselves in a world where we are conditioned from birth. We get our reality and our cultural beliefs from our parents or caregivers. It’s not what they say that we follow but the actions that they carry out. The actions and words that people convey are all learned behaviour, that is … More Be yourself!!

Food for thought!!

I’ve read a lot of advertisements lately from life coaches, personal development coaches and people who claim that they can unblock your negative mind set so you can live in abundance in every area of your life.  I get that these  people want to help others find their purpose but at what expense?..people actually take … More Food for thought!!


I read something sad today, about a woman who committed suicide due to narcissistic abuse. The woman didn’t know who to trust and actually fell out and stopped talking to most of her true friends. This made me realise what I was doing, I stopped talking to good friends because I thought they were scheming … More STOP JUDGING!!

Leaving a narc

When leaving a narcissist, the trick is to stay disengaged emotionally, they get fuel from any emotion that you display. They love to see people hurt and upset infact the more rage you display the more points they earn in their mind. They hate it when you show them that you are not bothered by … More Leaving a narc